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After discussing something topical, Conan will present a video from Donald Trump. In the video, Trump divulges his plans as they relate to the topic. These plans always include constructing something ridiculously expensive, such as a parking space paved with imported marble or a resort on the moon. As Conan discusses L.A.'s chronic traffic problems, he calls for a view from The Tonight Show's traffic copter. The scene then shifts to a fake road filled with gridlocked toy cars. The cause of the traffic jam would always be something absurd, such as a dog celebrating its bar mitzvah, a marauding robot, or a giant Amy Winehouse passed out on the road. Based on a former sketch used on his previous show in similar fashion. Having acknowledged the higher profile that comes with being host of The Tonight Show, Conan schemes to beat the paparazzi at their own game by photographing himself in embarrassing situations and selling the pictures directly to the tabloids. To manufacture these moments, Conan makes use of a green screen and some inexpensive props. Past moments have included Conan running over a bible salesman, stealing underwear from Barbara Walters, loading a corpse into the trunk of a car, and kicking babies at a playground (all while drunk). The sketch has since spawned its own website, which resembles a Twitter page and follows the same basic concept. On Thanksgiving, The Tonight Show celebrated Tweetsgiving, during which the announcer read celebrity twanks (tweets that give thanks). Christmas and Chanukah-themed tweets were read during the holiday season. The Tweetsgiving game was "Pilgrim or Pornstar?", where Conan had to guess if the following tweet was by a pilgrim or a porn star. The sketch is always accompanied by increasingly elaborate animations in which the bird from the Twitter logo is repeatedly killed. It also includes the announcer trying to persuade Conan to play a game by using a rhyming sentence in which he refers to him as CoCo. Past games have included Complete the Tweet, Trick or Tweet, and Beat the Tweet. In this sketch, Conan is interrupted by an overzealous announcer (voiced by show writer Brian McCann) while lamenting the increasing number of celebrities who are using Twitter. The announcer attempts to prove to Conan that celebrity tweets are exciting by reading some of his favorites, which all describe mundane activities or are bland statements. Some examples include Ashton Kutcher reporting that he is going to the grocery store, and Jennifer Love Hewitt saying that the weather is beautiful. Many sketches originated on O'Brien's original show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien and were carried over to, and continued on The Tonight Show during O'Brien's short reign. The sketches include:

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