Brown Hair With Blonde Streaks In Bangs

She had long black hair and green eyes. She could not float, but was the first in Blue Mountain to master black sending, or pain telepathy. The Palace of the High Ones was destroyed when she tried to conquer it, and was thwarted by Rayek and his daughter Venka. Immediately before it was restored, she let herself be killed to free her soul, so that her spirit could wreak havoc worldwide using the Palace. Rayek intervened by absorbing her spirit into himself, claiming that since he once held all the spirits of the Gliders, he could hold her. Since that time she has been vying for control of his body, even occasionally reshaping it into her female form, and constantly resisting his efforts to make her renounce evil. Winnowill is gradually gaining more control over her magic, but the two elves are in constant struggle. When the arrival of the Wolfriders threatened to lead her people back to the outside world, she tried to prevent this. Later she tried to annihilate the Wolfriders. She spent about ten thousand years creating monsters and playing with the humans in the new land, known to some of them as Lady of the Waves. Winnowill finally decided to find the Palace for Voll's sake and her own, and left the mountain alone, only to encounter an injured troll named Smelt, who had been sent to collect rockshapers. Winnowill saw the opportunity for experiments with a willing subject. She mated with him to produce Two-Edge, then killed Smelt when he remembered what he had come to the mountain for. She returned to the Gliders as a sadistic megalomaniac, and has been the principal elfin villain of the series. She was a healer, but after the Gliders retreated into the safety of Blue Mountain her gift was not needed and festered. Her mental state degraded at the growing despair of realizing herself as useless in placid society.In order to cling to her remaining sanity, she purposely injured her fellow Gliders to practice her gift. She controlled the Chosen Eight, and secretly the lives of all Gliders. Voll once asked her to help the female Gliders bear children, and she did, only to make them miscarry in secret, knowing Blue Mountain would not support more of their kind. Unless otherwise noted, all Gliders have the inherent ability to float/fly. Gliders are immortal and are considered First-, Second-, and Thirdborns of the original High Ones. They resided in Blue Mountain and are considered an extinct tribe. The initial list is derived from the original series, which Warp Graphics published in 1978-1984. Later series introduced numerous additional characters; about 650 have been mentioned by name at least once. This is a list of characters in Elfquest , the science fiction/fantasy comic book series created in 1978 by Wendy and Richard Pini.

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